Air, Land and Water Contamination

Stad Green offers a global environmental management solution, providing remediation service to construction and redevelopment companies, government authorities, and the commercial sector.

Environmental impact assessment and feasibility study

Assessing the potential impacts to all aspects of the environment, including terrestrial wildlife, aquatic life, habitat, wetlands, plants, water quality, sediment input, and air quality. Stad Green Consulting offers a broad array of scientific, testing, engineering, and consulting services related to such environmental impact assessment. Services are offered as both stand-alone and integrated, based on client and project needs.

Integrated waste management services

Something extremely difficult to change is to stop producing waste.  However, we can change how much waste we produce, how we manage it and what we do with it. In this way Stad Green helps its customers by efficiently and safely adapt technologies to manage their waste in a sustainable way, optimizing recycling and re-use, as well as limiting production of waste (waste minimization).

Recycling and renewable energy

Stad Green’s experience with alternative energy and recycling schemes is extensive, driven by the urgent need reduce carbon dioxide emission from traditional sources and to find reliable and sustainable sources of renewable energy.

We cover all technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental aspects of renewable projects. We bring world-class expertise in the latest generation technologies – wind, solar, hydro, biomass and waste to energy. We assist government agencies and provide advice to companies seeking to expand their energy portfolio or acquire renewable assets.

Environmental management systems

Stad Green renders ISO 14001 consulting service which include design, implementation, training, audit and certification support. We stand with you through stage 1 and stage 2 certification audits.

Stad Green also provides tangible supports through all the phases below and offers certification trainings on ISO 14001 – Introduction, Foundation, Lead Implementer, and Lead Auditors.

Eco design and green building consulting

Stad Green Consulting provides technical assistance on environmentally sustainable building and community design and energy efficiency. Stad Green serves as a consultant to the owner or design team of commercial and residential properties.  Our services provide comprehensive solutions to the make-up of a building in an effort to improve the comfort, safety, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency.  Our expertise spans all phases of a project from conceptual design through construction to project hand-over; in addition to continuous operation and maintenance.  We are structured to work in the manner most appropriate for your project needs.